As Director of the Sky Project in Bristol and also being born in Britain as a person of colour – I stand in solidarity with the worldwide Black Lives Matter movement. This important opportunity to tackle racism on all fronts must not fade.

Racism and racial/cultural prejudices deny a voice to those who need help the most, including victims and those at risk of a forced marriage.

Racism occurs at all levels.  Having personally delivered a forced marriage training session where a senior Bristol City Council member asked ‘shouldn’t those communities just go back to where they came from?…’ it is undeniable that racism is a real and urgent problem.

Each and every one of us can have a part to play; by not turning a blind eye, holding people accountable for their words/actions and to speak up/take action such as the protests seen in Bristol and worldwide.

I have never been more proud of the people of Bristol in the way they have contributed to this BLM cause.

We must ALL fight to obtain equality for all.

The Sky Project Statement on the BlackLivesMatter movement

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